Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rootbeer-Smelling Roses? Pick Your Scent

By Eric Bland


* Scientists find genes that could restore fragrances to flowers.
* Even custom-scented flowers could soon be available.
* The genetic research may also be applied to restore flavors to fruits and vegetables.

Root beer-scented roses could soon be available at your local florist, according to scientists from Florida who are developing newly fragrant flowers.

The research could lead to custom-designed flower fragrances and even to better-smelling, and better-tasting, fruits and vegetables.

"We are very excited about the idea of putting these flowers in front of consumers and figuring out which fragrance excites people the most," said David Clark, a scientist at the University of Florida in Gainesville developing the new flowers. "Then we can use that information to assist breeders in developing flowers that people want to smell more, or even breed fruits that smell and taste better."

The key to a flower's aroma is in its genes. Over the last 50 years plant breeders consciously selected for bigger and prettier flowers and fruits. Along the way the genes that make flowers smell nicer have been lost. Clark and his colleagues have discovered those genes, albeit by accident.

Who knows maybe they'll make FART smelling roses LMAO!!!!!!!

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