Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Ok so all in all me and ViciousBenX had an AMAZING Valentine's Day. We had brunch with his Family at Tropical Chinese and let me tell ya, there's a reason reservations are suggested for this place on Valentine's Day. IT GETS PACKED!!!!! Line goes around the corner and can cost you an hour and a half if you don't reserve in time. It is not only the best Chinese Restaurant in Miami, as stated by their many year after year Zagat Ratings but it is pretty much one of the only places in Miami where you'll be able to have a one of a kind Dim Sum experience. Apparently Tropical is the only place I know of in Miami that has Dim Sum. It was my first time eating Dim Sum but I LOVED it. Your table gets a card and the waiters/waitresses walk around the floor with these carts, they stop at each table and you select what you'd like from each cart. It comes out to be incredibly cheap and delicious. Each person in the table leaves feeling full and satisfied. I loved every single thing I sampled from the Dim Sum Carts. 5 of us had brunch for 75.00 with tip included. Not Bad at all!!! We will definitely return to Tropical.
For Dinner we ate at The Pupusa Factory. Though the name sounds funny we had eaten here a week ago and really liked it so we decided to return, it's a great meal and very inexpensive and authentic at that. The cuisine is from El Salvador. They seem to have a weird obsession with the 80's here. Last week it was American Videos from the 80's. But this week it was Spanish Videos from the 80's and believe you me they were ODD. Anyhoo we ate a bean and cheese Baleada . A Baleada is one of El Salvador’s most original and popular foods. A baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans, eggs, cheese and sour cream. We each had one of those and split a Bean and Cheese Pupusa , A Pupusa is the most common and most delicious Salvadorian dish. Pupusas are corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans, or a combination of any of those (pupusas revueltas). In some places you will find Pupusas stuffed with many other less common ingredients. A Pupusa kind of reminds me of an Arepa. Hey just cuz I've lived in Miami my whole life doesn't mean I'm a connoisseur in all of these strange exotic foods. This is like my second time having them, lol. Anyhoo back to the point I was trying to get at. So here we are, eating and conversating, staring at the TV with a puzzled look on our faces. We notice that 75% of the 80's videos in Latin American countries resemble ours. I saw a video that reminded me of A-ha's Take On Me , for all I know it could have been a doppelganger of it. We came across another very interesting video I'd love to post here but I missed the name and have been looking for it since. Which brings me to this little Jewel. In my frantic Youtube search for Popular Latin American Videos of the 1980's I come across a band by the name of Chico Che.

The video playing was this one but had an overlay of the following song playing on top of it. (By following song I mean the next video) But please first check this video out and laugh your asses off. Watch it enough to catch the lead singer sticking his hands in his pocket and doing a little Frankenstein Dance, lol it's hilarious!
So I come to find out that the next song has been parodied by You Tubers around Latin America, just type in Quen Pompo and you'll see what I mean, However, this, by far is the best Chico Che Impersonation I have yet to see.

Mind you I'm not an expert on Chico Che, I just learned about them last night but this is the one that made me laugh the most. Go figure, a Mexican Mechanic who decides to form a band and sing about a girl "Quien Pompo?" is funny enough to get laughs all over. Even from here in the U.S.A.

2/15/2010 Update 11:10pm

I found out Chico Che has passed away from a homage to him here :

Chico Che
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Francisco José Hernández Mandujano (December 7, 1949 - March 29, 1989), better known as Chico Che was a Mexican musician from Villahermosa, Tabasco.


Chico Che was the youngest of three brothers. When he was five years old, he showed interest towards music and was given a guitar by his cousin Lolita Mandujano. He quickly learned how to play it, and even managed to play La marcha de Zacatecas (The Zacatecas march), a song which his grandfather taught him how to whistle. Chico Che was a musical genius when it came to playing various musical instruments. Although he lacked formal musical training, he was bestowed with the gift of being able to play just about any musical instrument he could get his hands on. He was married in 1968 to Concepción Rodríguez, and had three children with her. Chico Che founded a couple of groups, like Los 7 Modernistas and Los Temerarios before founding the group he is most famous for: La Crisis. His music became extremely popular. He died at the height of his career, on March 29, 1989. He is remembered for his interesting sense of fashion. Chico Che had a look of his own on stage wearing tee shirts, overalls, large glasses, boots and a stylish hair that belonged to the 1970's era, nevertheless he made them work and became his artistic trademark. Some of his biggest and most popular hits such as "De Quen Chon" and "Quien Pompo" demonstrated his musical talents. These songs are as popular now as they were when Chico Che sang them on stage and on Mexican movies. R.I.P. Chico Che

On a brighter note:

I've also found the Spanish Version of the Cure. Maybe I'll post them on a later occasion. ;-)

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