Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentines Without Strawberries :-o

So we were at Publix yesterday just buying our usual weekly necessities and an african american gentleman asks a publix employee where he can find the strawberries. The Publix employee replies to him "We don't have any." to which the african american gentleman retorts "You don't have any?! Whatdya mean ya'll ain't got no Strawberries???? Is it cuz of Valentines Day?" And the Publix employee replies "Actually sir, no its not its because this cold front we've had these past few days has left all the crops without a lot of vegetation, we got a shipment in today but believe me sir its not something we'd want to sell so we decided against it. You probabky won't find any anywhere you go today" The customer was in awe :-o. So that's that no Strawberries this year unless you like the chocolate covered ones which I think are awesome :-) . But poor guy he must have had his heart set on a romantic valentines strawberry feeding episode with his valentine much to his dismay when he found that wasn't going to happen.

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